Worldwide Ink Magazine is a digital and print magazine that involves everything about tattoo's, lifestyle, fashion, art, ... and so on.
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As one of the staff photographers of the magazine, I'm happy to say we strive to give you the most amazing articles and photoshoots.

But all of this wouldn't be achieved without you!
Are you a model, tattoo artist, a barber shop, any kind of artist, ... ?
Just let me know!

With W.Shotz Photography, you have a 100% guarenteed publication in the magazine, how cool is that?!
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Shoots by W.Shotz Photography

Céline Bourgeois

Model shoot

Stephanie Bex

Model shoot

Steve Geerts

Tattoo Artist
Royal Bastard

Amber Lemey

Tattoo Artist
Moonchild Tattoo

Stefan v.d. Vliet

Model Shoot

The Issues

APRIL 2019

On the cover
Val Tatboo

IG: @val_tatboo

MARCH 2019

On the cover
Shanghai Kate

IG: @shanghaikate

February 2019

On the cover
Liz Cook

IG: @lizcooktattoo


On the cover
Lusy Logan



On the cover
Jeremy Hanna & Ryan Smith

IG: @unclejeremy
IG: @colorcrimes

November 2018

On the cover
Brenna Clanton

IG: @sweet_bee03


On the cover
Erin Kennedy & David Molleck

IG: @theerinkennedy
IG: @davidmolleck

September 2018

On the cover
Lisa Ammer

IG: @lisammrtattoos

August 2018

On the cover
Torsten Malm

IG: @torstenmalm_tattoo

July 2018

On the cover
Sami Lynne

IG: @sami_lynne

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